Taylor Jones Humane Society is a independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that receives no government funding. We are supported solely by contributions, grants, bequests, and adoption and service fees. Your financial gift shows a deep personal commitment to animals in Abilene and the surrounding area.

Even a small donation of $10.00 a month makes a big difference. For example some of our pet food is donated, however many times we run low and have to purchase it. That $10.00 can feed a cat or puppy for a few days.

Our posted hours are times that we have a volunteer in the office to show the animals to the public. But behind the scenes, early morning, evenings, and really all hours there are volunteers busy taking care of animals, such as vet visits, socializing, feeding, cleaning dog runs and cat cages, and many other daily task that need to be done. In fact, our volunteers don't even get reinbursed for fuel when they take an animal to the vet.

There are also un-expected vet bills we incur. Many animals come in as strays and have problems, for example a puppy might have parvo. These types of vet bills are a necessary higher cost.

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