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In the late 60’s a group of animal lovers had joined together to try and improve conditions for forgotten animals that were roaming the area. In 1972, this group of people became Taylor Jones Humane Society and was incorporated later that year. We are a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation and receive no government funding. By getting the city to pass laws requiring vaccinations and humane treatment of animals, the stage was set to place Abilene Animal Shelter as part of the city government.

In 1994, we were able for the first time to house all our animals under one roof. We leased runs and cages for our animals from Companion Vet Care and we could rest easy knowing they were receiving the loving care they deserve.

We continue to emphasize our low cost spay/neuter programs. Educating the public about the problems of pet overpopulation and the benefits of owning neutered animals has become a very rewarding part of our work. We have gone into several area schools explaining how this affects all of us.

In 1999, we almost had to close our doors but through the efforts of some concerned organizations we are in better shape than ever before. Since we work solely through private donations, this is always a concern. But as long as we have concerned individuals, we will continue our efforts to find loving, life long homes for all our animals.

In 2010 we bought our own building located at 2301 N. 3rd, Abilene, Texas. We have dog runs and facilities for cats. We continue the same mission as always, finding loving and caring homes for the animals. We have contracts with various vet clinics in Abilene and the surrounding area to care for our animals.

In mid 2016 for the first time for many years we ran very low on money. One of the contributing factors was the cost of the Spay Neuter program along with higher Vet cost. On average a $35 cost to the public for a cat spay or neuter cost us $54 to $72, with similar cost on a dog.

Thankfully with folks donating and some help from two of our major contributors, we were able to bounce back. Our board members and two major contributors agreed to keep the program but make it dynamic. In other words if donations are lower for a while we have to suspend the program for a month or two. Also we had to start limiting the number per month to keep cost under control.

With us managing the Low Cost Spay Neuter program more carefully we are able to still assist the public as much as possible.






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