This is me and Dolly. OUR HAPPY TAIL I was very lonely and had always had a dog before. But for 6 years I was not in a position to care for a dog. I was at a doctors appointment and I was telling him about my anxiety of living alone. So he said I should get a dog. Of course I should! I love dogs and always have.

When I brought her home she immediately was comfortable and sat in my chair with me. I walk with crutches and/or a cane and she is so very careful not
to get under me. She knows now what exactly to do when we go out. And her potty training is great. I have told my sisters and kids that she is a God Send for me. No other dog would ever do! FOR REAL

She loves playing with toys, some more than others of course. She is exactly what the doctor ordered! Thank you for doing your service at the
Taylor Jones Humane Society!!

Jan 2015 Buddy, known here as Rascal at his new home. He loves being on the tractor and playing with his best friend Baby Kitty. Now He's 1 1/2 years old and we are all glad to see he got a wonderful new home and family.

Nov 2014: Here I was known as Otto. During a Noontab a wonderful lady fell in love with me. My name is now Ty. Having my forever home with Becky Grant is as good as it gets.

Sept 2014 Gertie in her new home with Valerie Thacker enjoying her new toys. Valerie says Gertie can be a little princess at times, at other times a little devil.

Sept 2014 Macy now known as Daisy at her new home with Summer making everyone smile.

Aug 2014 Chico a long time resident here has now found a loving home with Ashley Horn.

July 2014 After being lost several days Franklin has been re-united with his family.

June 2014
Trix has brought us closer together. She has us spending more time as a family while we play with her and has became a friend to my daughter. She makes us laugh and gives my daughter Trinity a new playmate :) she is a part of our family.

May 2014:
Mrs. Claus or better known here as Momma came to us from Animal Control with a litter of 5 puppies. What had happened to her is a mystery but one of her eyes had been damaged and was just an open hole. When the pups were old enough to be taken from her she was spayed and the damaged eye was sealed shut to prevent further damage. Never one to let having one eye stop her, she charmed all that met her and found a forever home with Brian Anderson and his wife. Included are photos of a couple of her pups and their loving families.

From: Kennedy, Stacy
Sent: Thursday, February 27, 2014 12:18 PM
To: tjhs@wtconnect.com
Subject: Abby - aka Emily - wonderful update - thank you so much!
Hello, I wanted to give you an update and some pictures of our beautiful Abby (aka) Emily. We adopted her in November after a long time in the shelter. She came to us full of energy and so loving!!! She has learned crate training, and play time with our other four dogs is her favorite activity! She is learning to go on trail rides with us and our horses, but mostly, just runs and runs with me. She is still puppy acting, even at a year old and so much fun! She came to us with a beautiful coat and we could tell she had been LOVINGLY cared for at TJHS. She also goes with us to our son’s baseball practice – where she gets great socialization and is learning to heed her sit and stay commands. Which is oh-so-hard for an enthusiastic lab who wants to lick everyone!! We love her so very much! You do a great job at caring for the animals you take in, and she is truly a blessing in our lives! Thank you TJHS for the wonderful work you do!

Original photo

An email we received Feb 2014:

Hello! It has been a long, long time since I stepped foot in Taylor Jones Humane Society, but my thoughts were with you while browsing old photos today. Just in case you need something heart warming, I wanted to send a message and share.

I was 14 during the summer of 2004 when, while visiting Abilene from Austin, I served as a volunteer at TJHS, and I unexpectedly fell in love on my first day there. At the time, the dog's name was June, an 11 month old tri-colored Border Collie who had been abandoned on a local farm. I changed her name to Kali Faye, and brought her home at the end of the month; she has been with me since. She was companion to my family's older dog, Onyx, who passed away in 2010, and acted as a surrogate mother of sorts to a puppy, Marcie, that my parents fostered & adopted in 2011.
I am now a graduate student in Seattle, WA, and Kali is 10.5 years old, in spectacular health and spirit. She's best friends with my partner's 2 year old boxer/terrier mix, and regularly wears him down at playing. We live beside a sizable natural area with beaver pond, great blue herons, and a lot of ducks, and we make regular trips to Warren G Magnuson park, which houses an 8 acre dog park with lake access. She loves to steal pillows, she still fails miserably at catching treats in mid-air, she "mothers" pink stuffed animals, she licks every child that she meets, she loves carrots & apples, she is still learning new tricks (her latest is to "wave" with either paw), she recently learned how to navigate an obstacle course and taught herself how to sneakily open peanut butter jars without damaging the lids, and she loves to chase chickens on my brother's farm in western Montana. One of my nephew's favorite phrases is "Hi Kow-ee!"

Attached are some photos, including her original photo off your adoption page.

Thank you for helping me find my best friend.
Virginia Williams


A real success story: Nemo's owners discovered him here and now he is back home. Here he was know as Pablo. Feb 2014.



After a 5 month journey from Lubbock to Abilene we were able to reunite Tyson with his family.
Thanks to the microchip he had we were able to track down his family and 12 hours later he was back in the arms of his owner. I'm glad we were able to help make your Christmas even happier. Dec 2013.


Odie had been with us for over a year and was adopted Jan 28th, 2014 by people with a huge heart, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rice.

Charlie and his new owner Lucas Suddeth. Adopted Jan 2014.

Garland going home with his new family Brad and Ann Broadbent. Garland had been with the Taylor Jones Humane Society for over a year. We are all so happy he's going to a good home. This was the week of Jan 20th, 2014.

I'm Rowdy a male Border Collie mix that was adopted almost two years ago by Randal Wilson. He is healthy happy boy sitting with his pal and dad.

Happy beginning for Eloise in her new home, she was our deaf doxie that was sent to her new home in Virginia.

Here is Kelly and Bucky (Hal) the kitten she adopted. Kelly will soon be seen in the film "Captain America 2".

Gretchen and her family came by to say hi. The kids are all Jr. volunteers this summer. She never made it to the site since she was adopted right away.



Chloe was adopted by Cassidy Eggers and given a new chance at life. She has a new best friend that shares her name so Chloe the chihuahua will be getting a new one.



Bogie has become an instant pal to Violet my little girl. You can tell by the looks on both their faces this is a friendship made in heaven.

My name is Sommer and I adopted Dennis from you about three weeks ago. I just wanted to thank you for the gift he has been to our home. He is something else. This pic shows how much he has grown. He loves to eat and play. My children and even the dogs have fallen in love with him. Thank you so much for what each of you do. Blessings to you all.

I was known as Gracie before I was adopted by Scott Frost. I know just where to rub my new friend and make him happy. Not a bad life for a kitten rescued from a water puddle.














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