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We were established in 1972. Implemented the Animal Shelter. Started a Spay and Neuter Voucher system.
Started renting a room and kennel spaces from a Veterinarian and then moved to our own building in 2010. 
We still are a small building but we do our best. This last year we have doubled our size from 9 dog kennels and 9 cat cages to 18 each. But we seem to always be full. 
We will take dogs and cats when cages are available.
Puppies will come in and we observe to make sure they are healthy and then we give them their first vaccinations. Little puppies tend to get sore over the injection site and feel punky for a day or two. That is why we keep them to make sure all is OK. They go to the vet if we feel something else is going on. We treat what we can. Some things can't be treated. But we do all we can that can be done.
Availability depends on adoptions. We may have openings daily or it may be months before something comes available.
Our Liability Insurance does not allow us to take in Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes. And yes, we have taken a few as pups not knowing what they were.
Older dogs and cats (8 years and up) are very hard to place. We have had some and it took forever to find them a home. We are a non kill shelter so we will keep them until we find a home. Which holds up a kennel coming open.
There is no cost to you for dropping an animal off. 
Call before you come to make sure we have room.
Bring all vaccinations records with you, if any.
We try and place our pets with the right people. We have the right to refuse any adoption applications as we feel fit. We want a forever home. 
We require our cats to be inside the home. WHY! Because they no nothing else.
And we have had a few that have been lost, because the new owners did not follow the rules. We have put so much time, effort and love into all our animals, it kills us not knowing what happened to them.
We want our dogs to be an inside outside dogs and part of your family. We take all our animals back if for any reason the adopter can't take care of them or whatever the circumstance. So, that is why we want you to really think you can adopt an animal for the rest of their lives. The animals get confused and shut down when brought back to us and it takes weeks for them to come around. It is sad to watch when someone comes through the door and the dog strains to see if it's Mom or Dad and they have come back to get me. It breaks our hearts.
All of these animals are part of us and if you think we are rude and uncaring. We are sorry! It is for our animals to know they will be taken care of the way we think they should be. 
The adoption fee is: Cats-$75.00 Dogs-$100.00
Cats include: Rabies, 2 Distemper combo vaccines, leukemia test, deworming and spay or neuter.
Dogs include: Rabies, 2 Distemper combo vaccines, heartworm test (over 1 year old), deworming, microchip (lifetime registry) and spay or neuter.
For any reason you cannot keep our pet, it MUST be returned to us. We take responsibility for it. Do not re-home, or take it to Animal Services. This is in the legal contract you sign with us.

2301 N 3rd  -  325-672-7124
Open- Mon, Wed & Sat
12:00 TO 3:00


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