To help fight overpopulation,
we are offering a low cost spay and neuter program. Which we have been doing for over 30 years. We have 30 Vouchers to give out each month. The days the Vouchers are available is the first Monday of each month unless we specify another day. We open at 12:00 and the Vouchers go fast. About an hour. Come early and get your name on the list.
Female cats are $45.00
Male Cats are $40.00
Dogs go by weight.
Call 325-672-7124 to get a price. 

How to help end the pet Overpopulation 



  • There are too many puppies and kittens being born who are unwanted. Sometimes people let their dogs and cats have babies and then can't find homes for all of them. Sometimes homeless animals wandering the streets have babies. Since they do not have a home, there are no people to take care of them.

  • Pets get lost. If they don't have proper identification, like a collar with an ID tag, they can't be returned home.

  • Pets are surrendered, or given up to Humane Societies or Animal Shelters because their guardians can no longer care for them.

  • Not everyone goes to an animal shelter to adopt a pet.

  • Have your pets spayed or neutered. Veterinarians perform a simple operation on cats and dogs to prevent them from having unwanted kittens and puppies.

  • Adopt your next pet from your local Humane Society or Animal Shelter. There are a lot of wonderful dogs, cats and other companion animals just waiting for a loving home.

  • Organize supply drives to help Humane Societies and Animal Shelters care for homeless pets until they can find homes for the animals.

  • License your pets. Make sure they have an identification tag and collar or microchip.

  • Pets are surrendered, or given up to Humane Societies and Animal Shelters because their guardians can no longer care for them.

  • Not everyone goes to an animal shelter to adopt a pet.

  • Learn about pets before you adopt to make sure you are ready for the responsibility. To help you get started, check out Choosing the Right Animal for You.

The spay and neuter voucher system was started to help the Community with getting their pets done at a lower cost. You pay only a minimal part of the surgery price. The Humane Society pays for the rest. This program has been abused in the past. 

 YOU MUST go to the Veterinarian specified on your voucher. You cannot go to any other unless you come to the Office and talk to MaryJane to have it changed. If you do go to another Veterinarian we will not honor your voucher and you will need to pay in full at the Vets with NO REFUND from us.

Please do not add surgeries to your voucher. Those that are added will not be honored. You will also pay the Vets in full for this.

Dogs will have to be weighed before we can offer you a voucher. We have to have the correct weight to charge correctly. We will have a scale at the Office.


Vouchers are given out once a month. The 1st Monday of every month.






MAY 4th

JUNE 1st

JULY 6th


SEPTEMBER 14th(Second Monday)



CATS-         FEMALE-$45.00 MALE-$40.00

 DOGS-UNDER 15 LBS-  $55.00        $45.00

               16-35 LBS-  $65.00        $55.00

               36-50 LBS- $75.00        $65.00

              51-75 LBS-  $85.00        $75.00

           OVER 75 LBS- $100.00       $90.00

We give 30 people vouchers which includes up to 3 animals per voucher. A line starts around 11:00 and we open at 12:00


We have to have correct weight, before we can give a voucher to you!!!! Bring your dog to get it weighed or a current weight from your Vet!

At least bring us a photo!

________NO EXCEPTIONS_____

HOURS: MON.-TUES.-WED. 12:00 TO 4:00 AND FRI. 12:00 TO 3:00

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